My name is Laura Lind.  I have been a committed vegan since 2006, after being vegetarian for many years.  I became vegan primarily because I believe in living a life of nonviolence.  When I became aware of the violence inflicted in the production of milk and eggs, consuming these products became unconscionable.  I believe non-human animals are sentient beings, who should not be forced into suffering, subjugation, and violent deaths, just as people should not be forced into subjugation to one another.  I further believe that animal agriculture is unsustainable, harmful to the planet and its ecosystems, and reliant upon exploitative labor practices.

Politics aside (though I’m not sure I believe politics can or should ever be aside), I know from experience that veganism can be a fun and healthy lifestyle.  In addition to making my conscience a little clearer, being vegan has introduced me to a wonderful subculture of smart, witty, ethical folks.  Being vegan has also made me more aware of where my food comes from, and has encouraged me to be a more creative cook.  I take great pleasure both in veganizing favorite recipes from my pre-vegan days, and in creating entirely new vegan recipes.  I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do.