Monday, February 1, 2010


Arepas, the South American corn-flour patties, deserve a much wider audience, and since they pretty much consist of flour, water, and oil, they're easy to veganize.

I'm told you can buy special "arepa flour," but I prefer to use the masa harina that is cheap and readily available at the Mexican markets in my neighborhood; it makes a nice soft arepa. I also like to mix some slivered green onions into the dough.

Most people seem to make their arepas as thick patties, which are then sliced in half horizontally and filled like a sandwich, but I prefer to make two thin patties, put a spoonful of filling on one, and seal them together before cooking. This makes the arepa easy to pack, and is less messy to eat than the sliced version. I'm still experimenting with fillings, and usually use some form of beans, perhaps mixed with some salsa and minced onions or peppers. But I'm planning to try some soon with fried bananas or plantains, and some with caramelized onions. mmm...almost lunchtime.

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