Monday, October 4, 2010

Lazy Pesto

I love pesto. I want to marry it and have its basillicious babies.  But last weekend, I had a monster basil crop that needed harvesting, and I didn't feel like toasting nuts or pressing garlic.  Lazy pesto to the rescue!  I didn't measure anything, just popped it all in the food processor and gave it a few pulses.  Instant deliciousness.

3 big handfuls of basil leaves
several handfuls raw walnuts
a few hearty shakes of nutritional yeast
a splash of lemon juice
a few glugs of olive oil
a few shakes of garlic powder
a couple pinches of salt

This made about a pint jar full.  I had it tossed with bowtie pasta and cannellini beans last night, and have enough left to toss with gnocchi tonight.

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