Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vegetarian Goose

About once a month, I make a trek to the asian grocery store to stock up on tofu, rice noodles, sesame oil, and assorted condiments.  On my last trip, I spotted this "Vegetarian Goose," and decided to give it a try.

The "goose" consisted of sheets of bean curt skin wrapped around a seasoned vegetable filling.  The package didn't include any cooking instructions, so I decided to baste it with a little olive oil and bake it.  It came out of the oven looking like a gelatinous blob, but looked much better once sliced:

I served the goose with stuffing and some leftover garlic soup.  I enjoyed the first bite or two of it, but then found it too salty to continue eating.  Won't be purchasing this again, but I enjoyed experimenting with it.

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  1. you can try to deep fried it till golden brown.
    this is how we do it here.


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