Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!
As much as I've been salivating over everyone's Thanksgiving posts this week,  I won't be making any of your recipes (that is, not for Thanksgiving) because I'm going camping instead.  After 3 years in a row of hosting big vegan Thanksgivings for non-vegan friends and acquaintances, I decided to take a break, so my husband, my dog and I are heading to Yosemite.  I'll be doing my best to convert some of the flavors I associate with the holiday into dishes I can easily cook over the campfire.  The planned menu is:
  • Skewered seitan, fingerling potatoes, onions, butternut squash and mushrooms (grilled over the fire)
  • Mushroom gravy (made ahead of time and reheated on the camp stove)
  • Green beans (pan-fried over the fire)
  • Cranberry sauce (straight from the can)
  • tortilla pies (tortillas folded around pie filling, grilled in foil packets over the fire)
I'll do a follow-up post on Sunday to share photos of the feast.

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